HIP HOP from a positive perspective

Positive Music is coming Back!

I am a man on a mission I will not stop until there is a balance of positive and uplifting, youth inspiring conscious messages coming out the mp3 players, ipods ,cellphones and whatever else there is out there that music can be played on. We all know to well what happens when there is an unbalance of materialistic music on the airwaves and so I am not going to go on any kind of rant about it. Positive energy is what is needed not criticism of the present situation so with that LETS GO!!!!!!!


Back from my hiatus!!!!

I will be back to writing blogs soon after my time away from the site I just have to motivate myself to stay in the fight because hip hop is taking a beating right now !!!!!

I Am Shock Therapy !

DSC01277So What is Shock Therapy you ask ?  I am the result of the positive musician who has music to share with the world and never got his chance, I am the result of  the numerous conspiracy theories that are said to be controlling Hip Hop. I am the result of corporate interests that are apparently controlling Hip Hop and profiting while the musician is exploited and discarded like trash. I am the result of the  1st generation “old school”  artist who realized too late what was going on to them, I am the result of those same artists now not having a voice in Hip Hop, that which they created. I am the result of that same old school artist who is now broke and gets no royalties because they had no knowledge of the contracts they were signing, and so now they have nothing. I am the result of the mysterious deaths of those who were going to tell the truth about what really goes on behind the scenes of the music industry but never had their chance. I am the result of  the musician who tried to come to the music industry on their own terms and had every door slammed in their face, because they would not sell out . I am he who has studied and observed and strategized over and over about how to get into the music industry and see no success but I will try until I am there regardless of my age. I am the musician who is told that he is too old to break into the game and we miss out on someone who could of changed the game for a lot of struggling musicians. I am the result of the stereotypes of disrespectful lyrics, exploitation, derogatory comments, harmful words, negative lyrics, sexually explicit music and the coonery in Hip Hop.

Shock Therapy is a change that I feel I was picked to produce and deliver because I have been blessed with a perspective, through many trials and tribulations to deliver a message that I am not afraid to manifest. Will the album stir up controversy ? Yes it will , Is it a needed dialogue ?  yes it is. I see myself as one of the many who was chosen to come in as a musician or a business  mind and help to reestablish our music by us and start the ball to rolling in our favor once again. Hip Hop was and is still ours we just have to retake control of it and not just produce but control our music or we will keep getting the same results. Will the present Record label owners relinquish willingly? NO WAY so in order to win the game you must know the rules or have enough persuasion and influence to bend them, either way change is on the horizon and I am humbled to be a pivotal part in it.

If you do not believe in you then why should others ? Hip Hop chose me and I am grateful. I might come off as arrogant to some but it is confidence and faith that moves me to these words and my belief in my personal GOD or “higher power” that compels me to speak up when I am wronged and in the music industry we are being totally disrespected and severely exploited to such a degree and I just cannot take it anymore!!!

It is Time for some Chak (Shock) Therapy

Image I have finally come to terms with releasing my sophomore project even though my first album Moorish Renaissance did not achieve the success that I wanted I still feel that I am going to be a success in the music industry. I learned a lot from Moorish Renaissance and I am applying these principles on my second album and I believe they will pay off in a major way, from a business and moral perspective, I still am here to make a living with my music label. Overall I do not want to be stuck with a bunch of cd’s that will sit in my basement like Moorish Renaissance is doing right now and so I have a plan to get rid of them even if I have to pass them out on the streets. This album is not aimed at just my Moorish family like the first album was I took a more mainstream approach and covered issues that affect us from a societal perspective. I get a little political, I get a little bit social and I get straight to the point with this album. Hip Hop as well as music in general is not doing what it was created to do,  the music is very sexual and glorifies a street lifestyle that we need to eliminate in our neighborhoods as well as society period. I am hoping that anyone who listens to my album can appreciate the intent behind my new approach to the music world as well as what I am trying to do to counter the music on the airwaves. Shock Therapy is medicine for a sick community and a society that needs to be motivated to strive for something better and see positive images of themselves and get us on the path of true ownership as a Nation of people because right now we do not. I hope you my fans appreciate the hard work that I put into this album and as far as success well we shall just see…… Peace The Scientific Moor

Chaka vs. Fear and Disbelief

As I am quickly coming to the end of my second project Chak ( shock) Therapy I find that my two strongest foes have resurfaced to reek havoc on my goals and to alter or totally destroy my vision of becoming a successful record company ,their names are fear and disbelief and they have been around for a very long time and they know me too well. I have made some good as well as bad business decisions in my life and doubt and fear have played a role in a lot of my decisions and the outcome. So now I find myself at this crossroads once again and guess who are the first two at the party?!!!! I exercise 5 days a week and during these times I take workout classes ( don’t laugh they are really good) body combat in particular, in this class you simulate attacks and defensive strategies and how to deal with hostile situations basically lots of punches and kicks etc…Lately in class I have been doing some internal therapy, when we do some of the punch and kick routines, I am imagining that I am punching and kicking my two biggest foes or obstacles doubt and fear. I believe that it will help psychologically in my future decisions because I am mentally removing them from the equation in my decision making process in order to think my moves out much clearer. I know that we were all raised in a particular way to only accept things that fit into our indoctrinated “beliefs” that have been shoved down our throats since birth by our family, friends, schools we’ve attended , religious beliefs , societal influences the government and on and on. We have been conditioned to go a certain way and if we go otherwise our subconscious anxieties and fears almost instantly attack to put us back in our  “place”  yet the most prolific people in our society have been the ones who have gone against the status quo or normal way of thinking and dared themselves to do amazing and wonderful things so why not you and I?!?!?!? I find myself trying to plug back in to the “Matrix” because I am scared ( fear) of what lies ahead simply because I do not know what lies ahead and it can be something wonderful and inspiring but disbelief will not let me envision this. Now in class I am kicking the sh#t out of those two sturdy asses that bind the will of man (mind) and the crazy thing is is that it actually is working for me. We all are going to find ourselves being tested to such a point that we want to quit but you have to dig deep within and find the strength to conquer these foes or you can never show your true potential as a free thinking man or woman. Step out of your comfort zone do something spontaneous stop being ashamed to be different and most importantly be true to yourself and be yourself. That lesson I learned early when I was a skateboarding inner-city child I was called everything under the sun but I loved skateboarding ( still do) and I would not stop doing it. The sky is the limit for my label and it is only limited by what I don’t  do for it , and right now I have no limit on where I want my music to go simply because I believe in myself a whole lot more than I ever have since my birth before anyone told me what I couldn’t do ( age 4 or so) You Gotta believe or you are just wasting your time !! Peace  The Scientific Moor!

Status Update

At the present time I am spending time with the mastering engineer going over the finalization of my present project titled “Shock Therapy” and as I am getting my lessons I find my project taking a lot more time than I want it to take. So during my spare time I find myself questioning whether this is going to ever be a successful and profitable record label? I cannot honestly say that it will and also what is the definition of success to me? So over the last few months I have been at home living off my capital that I earned from the sale of my last business and I am seriously doubting that I am going to make enough for me and my family to survive off the label alone, because when there is time doubt will come in and talk you out of everything if you let it. So I began to do some mental exercises that are training me to deal with doubt and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, that is why I am steadily practicing to ignore and suppress the doubt. One thing that does add fuel to my fire/ motivation is when I turn on the radio and hear what is on the airwaves I get so motivated to make my music as good as I can at the moment, because there is so much nonsense and etc… that I have to control my emotions. I feel like that I still have a lot of lessons to learn patience being one of them as well as perseverance, commitment    an honest evaluation, Tenacity, you get the message or this project will never get off the ground and show its full potential. #1 This is chess not checkers strategies have to be implemented contacts made and goals accomplished I have enough things to do but for some reason I am not promoting the way I should be so if I fail it is only my fault my first album is a testimony to that.  And so with that I am thankful that you listened to my gripe and lent a useful ear and did not judge me on my flaws because I feel better thank you .

“Perfection” takes time

My album has been at the Mastering engineer studio for about 3 weeks now and before he Masters the cd he always finds something that he wants fixed in the mixdown in order for the cd to have that radio ready sound that I want. So I take it back home do the work and then I give it back to him, but then he finds another problem and so now I am going to have a sit down session and mini mix engineer class because I personally am not a good mixdown engineer at this point in my career . I am however very grateful that my mastering engineer sees my vision and is not taking my money and running with it like so many others have done to up and coming artists who are trying to establish themselves in the music industry. I will admit that he is going above and beyond for me but also let me say this, HE IS NOT CHEAP! But if you want a superior album you must pay a superior price, there are no guarantees that I am going to get my money back and to be honest Scientific Minds Records is actually not a profitable company yet. So with any business you have to be willing to invest and see the long term success and goals in order to keep moving forward, or you will wind up giving up too early on something that could of been a multi-billion dollar empire. Like a man on a mission I move on and humbly enter the music industry as a novice seeking to learn from the experts because I am aware and comfortable knowing that I still have a whole lot to learn in the music industry and I am willing to listen to all who have beneficial information to share with me. I wish I had a team but as I stated in one of my earlier blogs I cannot find a lot of like minded people here and so I am doing everything by myself that I can do and that which I cannot I have to pay someone who is a professional to do. I take these experiences as learning lessons and as strategy for when I start putting my team together and to understand exactly what I need to build a solid foundation with longevity and etc… So to wrap it all up you must have patience on the road to success and when an obstacle appears you have to be ready to conquer them and also you have to always be willing to learn and be open to constructive criticism from all because they are there to help believe it or not. After I get the final master back I am going to write another blog keeping you informed I am sooooo ready for the album to be done but this slow process is going to ensure that I am going to get the album of my “dreams” GOD WILLING !Image

The Formula for success

The Mastering engineer has my “final mixdown cd” and now I find myself with a little bit more time on my hands now that there is no more recording or mixing etc… to do on the album ( FINALLY!) And yet there is no time to relax because in the formula there is another step that  needs to be enacted and that is finding some outlets and venues for my music. There are internet radio stations that are all over seeking new material, local independent internet magazines and and blog interviewers who are seeking out new talent, as well as the usual corporate media outlets that probably will toss our music in the garbage but you never know until you  submit the “package”. On my journey I have learned some pretty interesting things about the music world and more importantly about myself ! Marketing and promotion an inferior product will kill your aspirations so before you put yourself out there be honest and ask yourself would you as a fan listen to what you are passing out and if the answer is no or a maybe then you need to go back in the studio and make it something that you like as a fan as well as an artist. I had to admit to myself and accept that my first project ( Moorish Renaissance) was not radio worthy and put together hastily, it hurt too have to say this. So I went back into the “lab” with a plan and idea as well as an honest approach to what I wanted to accomplish with my second album ( Shock Therapy) and if my formula was implemented correctly then the results will show in the popularity as well as the financial gains associated with my business investment.  A game plan + A goal = success if you pay attention to details of every move that you make , do not be afraid to question your ideas and actions ignore doubt and disbelief and most importantly DREAM BIG!  I hope that my growing pains will help the millions who are going to eventually find my blog page and read about my humble and stressful beginnings and learn from my mistakes. I am trying to inspire that next dreamer who wants to be their own CEO and not go begging the corporate record companies for a chance to earn some crumbs, Stand on your own two Feet and believe in you no matter what. I am learning to be my biggest cheerleader and personal motivator because if you do not believe in you WHO WILL AND WHY!




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